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A 300mm large top spray with 366 independent water outlets provides a fully immersive shower experience that embraces your body like a rain shower, ensuring maximum water coverage and allowing you to fully indulge in the refreshing sensation of rainfall from above.The food-grade silicone water outlet has strong antibacterial and anti-aging properties and is not prone to hardening even after long-term use. During water flow, the silicone outlet vibrates rapidly, which helps to dislodge and remove water stains, making it self-cleaning.
The handheld showerhead integrates the spray and shower modes into one. We have innovatively developed a combined function of the showerhead and the spray gun, which makes the appearance more concise and more convenient to use.
The precise internal component design allows for seamless switching. An innovative linked switch design achieves accurate switching from the shower to spray mode after tens of thousands of switching tests, preventing accidental spraying.
Featuring a spacious nano-glass platform that integrates storage and control, this product offers an all-in-one solution. The nano-coating enables high-efficiency water repellence and can be easily wiped clean without leaving any residue, making it difficult for stains to adhere. Combining the platform with the valve body optimizes bathroom space and makes bath products readily accessible, providing a more comfortable showering experience.
Visible temperature display prevents scalding accidents. Real-time temperature display ensures that users are aware of the water temperature and avoid being scalded. The product generates electricity through hydraulic power, eliminating the need for an external power source, and ensuring safe and worry-free use.
Easy to operate with a clear and straightforward button design, making switching effortless and suitable for both the elderly and children.
With a rotary temperature control knob, you can easily adjust the water temperature according to your preference, ranging from cold to hot. Enjoy the optimal temperature and utmost comfort with ease.
Honeycomb aerator with hidden water outlet. The honeycomb water-saving aerator allows for gentle and comfortable foam-like water flow, reducing splashing and making rinsing more convenient while maintaining a rich and bubbly texture.
The main faucet body is made of copper with high density and explosion resistance. It is made with precision die-casting technology, and the inner wall is smooth, seamless, and highly resistant to compression.
Our electroplating technique ensures a high-quality finish that is resistant to both heat and wear, delivering a smooth and delicate tactile sensation. It has undergone 24 hours of acidic salt spray testing without any signs of paint peeling, ensuring lasting durability.
Product ParameterItem No: B007Main faucet body material: copperPole: stainless steelTop spray: ABS & liquid siliconeShowerhead: ABSValve core: ceramic hot and cold valve coreHandheld: ABS & liquid siliconeHose: PVCWe offer a three-year warranty. Within this period, if there are any quality issues with the product, we will replace it with a new one for major components, and provide replacement parts for small accessories.Regarding installation, please refer to the detailed installation instructions located in the footer.


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